The Game Plan of U.S. Marines as President Fights the NFL

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Anyone who was at the Miramar Air Show and met some of the Marines there probably discovered it.   And anyone who knows a Marine already knows it.

And if you were listening to our live show heard it when we interviewed some Marines.

We were talking to an F18 Marine pilot. 

With the backdrop of the tension-filled Rhetoric from our President and

the dictator in North Korea and how it IS causing worries among many of us, we asked this Marine pilot whether how much he and his fellow Marines are thinking about it.

And we wanted to know how prepared they are if there were to be military action and they are called upon to respond.

And this F18 pilot, in a fearless and confident way, he said the Marines are always prepared and that they train to be ready at a moment's notice to do what they do whenever and wherever it is. And when we asked him why he signed up to be a Marine, he simply said I want to defend this country and that's my job. And it is an honor to do so.

His comments are a reminder of what the Marines and all the men and women who serve in our military,all voluntarily, are made of. Men and women who are willing to make sacrifices to protect us and do their job.

And this weekend a lot of people had the chance to express their gratitude to these brave men and women who serve the country they love and respect.   It was reassuring to hear on the same weekend that words were being exchanged between the President and the NFL about what our country is all about.

NFL player protest Sept 24  Getty Images


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