Why The Conspiracy Theories About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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His girlfriend’s back but will it bring us any answers to all the questions swirling about the gunman who killed and wounded all those people in Las Vegas.

And there are a lot of questions being asked.  And there may even be more now after the Clark County Sheriff in Las Vegas used a term we have all become much too familiar with, radicalized.

In talking about their investigation into this former accountant who methodically prepared for his evil act, the sheriff said we will find out more as the investigation continues into what his motive was, why he did what he did.

And the sheriff suggested that maybe he was radicalized in some away and what people who heard him say it took away from it was that he was suggesting he had been influenced by a terrorist or terrorist sympathizers.

And while ISIS was quick to claim responsibility for the Las Vegas attack on all those people, federal law enforcement officials were just as quick to say there’s no evidence of it having terrorist links as we have come to know them.

So now that the woman who lived with the killer is back from the Philippines, maybe some answers will come to all these questions.

For now, based on what we know so far, the conspiracy theories abound.  

And it’s no wonder.  How does a guy with no military background create a military style assault like that with multiple guns converted to fully automatic machine gun like weapons, from a hotel window, using targeting tactics and cameras to alert him to anyone who would try to keep him from carrying out his mission? 

Was he radicalized?  Was he brainwashed? Was there someone else?

No one wants to think that a guy like this could just do this by himself and that anyone could do this by themselves.  So the sooner we get some answers the sooner we can figure out what needs to be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. 

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