How to Make Disasters Less of a Disaster

Northern California Wildfires Oct 2017

Seems like we’ve had one disaster after another lately doesn’t it?  That’s because we have. 

The devastating wildfires in Northern California, the worst in the state in modern history, just the latest of a string of natural and man-made disasters in the last few months.

Before that, some of the worst hurricanes in years ripped into Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Two hurricanes hit Puerto Rico almost one after another, leaving the U.S territory resembling a war zone.

And then of course, tragically, there was the terrible and deadly nightmare that struck Las Vegas.

In each of these disasters, we see people who are affected and those who are helping coming together and reminding each other to be strong.

When bad things happen to people, we usually do see the good in people emerge.  And while we may live our own lives, sometimes circumstances occur that bring us together and remind of us of the need to help each other.

That reminder has become even more real for the people affected by the deadly wildfires in the northern part of our state.

With word now that most of the people who died in the fires were in their 70’s and 80’s with the average age of the victims being 79, it’s become clear that having to quickly evacuate your home doesn’t happen quickly when you can’t move quickly or can’t move at all.

Something to remember the next time a wildfire breaks out where you live.  Remember to check on neighbors.  Remember to ask them how you can help them be prepared to evacuate if they ever need to.  And remember that we are all here to help others just as much as ourselves.

(photo credit Getty Images)



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