Shoplifting and Shooting Lead to School Lockdowns in Chula Vista

Chula Vista Police  10News

A shoplifting and a shooting at a Chula Vista Walgreens store led to a brief lockdown at two schools this morning.

Police say an 18 year old man tried to buy alcohol at the Walgreens on Eastlake Parkway shortly before 8:30 this morning.  When the guy tried to walk out with some, he was stopped by a store employee.Police say the shoplifter pulled out a hansgun and fired at least one shot at the store and ran off.  

He was caught by police a short time later at a nearby apartment complex where he was arrested.

No one was hurt and the lockdowns at Eastlake High School and Olympic View Elementary School were lifted soon after.  No one was hurt.

(Photo Credit 10News)


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