The Politics of Police Pay in San Diego

San Diego Police Car Photo 10News

The new agreement between the city of SD and the city's police officers is getting a lot of praise and some criticism as well.

The mayor and others who have seen too many cops for too long deciding to leave the department to work for other police departments and the sheriff’s departments that pay more money say the raises of up to 30 percent may be high but not when you compare SD cop salaries to salaries in these other departments.

People who support the pay raises say they are necessary and the extra cost is worth it to make sure San Diego has enough cops and the crime rate doesn't rise.

Some of the traditional conservatives who like small government and low taxes don't like it because they say the raises for cops are too high. They say there are better ways to solve the shortage of cops in SD and taxpayers can't afford to pay more to give cops more.

The issue is a public safety issue but politics always seems to get in the way when it comes to government.  And why is it that every issue, even one as important as public safety, cab become infected with politics.

When it comes to what cops do and the sacrifices they make to serve, they are worth every dollar they are paid. Sure there are a few bad cops at times but weed them out.

When it comes to police officers, most of us admire them and support them. And yes there are a few who don’t like cops.

But if you had to choose between police officers and politicians, guess which one most people would choose.

(Photo credit 10 News)



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