My Favorite Horror Film of All Time!!!

"What an excellent day for an exorcism". When Linda Blair, as the possessed girl, Regan, says that line, you know you're in for a wild, violent and shocking ride.

The first time I saw The Exorcist was in the late 70's. It was on a major TV network and had been edited to take out the vulgar language and more graphic scenes (uh, crucifix anyone?). 

Years later I saw the unedited version on HBO and couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. It was raw, profane, terrifying and a masterpiece -- considering it was made without computer effects (remember, this was 1973). 

I have a few versions of this film at home and I've seen the behind the scenes footage and interviews which are fascinating. Listen to this podcast and let me know if it puts you in the Halloween spirit.

Photo: Wikicommons

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