PHOTOS: How the Houston Astros Inspired a City and Could Inspire Others

Houston Astros Win 2017 World Series Getty Images

Sometimes things happen just the way they should.  And except for fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 2017 World Series ended just the way it should have.

The team from a city that had been devastated by a record setting hurricane named Harvey just a couple of months ago were victors.

Sure it’s only baseball but winning the World Series and for the first time in the team’s history, the Astros helped a city still recovering from that hurricane soar above some of the hurt.

And the way they did it was remarkable, with most commentators saying it was one of the best World Series wins ever.

With the Astros wearing Houston Strong on their uniforms, it was almost as if they had some kind of supernatural ability to survive when things went bad in a game and bounce back just like the people who live in Houston have done.

The Astros, with a name that recognizes all those American heroes we call astronauts, launched home runs at a pace that rocketed them to the championship.

And they defied the odds, just like the astronauts and NASA defied what many at the time had said about the odds of being able to land a man on the moon.

This sometimes forgotten about team from Houston Texas defeated two teams with higher payrolls from the two largest cities, beating the mighty Yankees who always seem to win and the arrogant Dodgers who won more games than anyone in the regular season.

And the Astros won it all after lots of losing years.  But they rebuilt and came back and won the championship.  Maybe they will inspire another team that has been losing a lot since their trip to the World Series some 20 years ago.  You know them as the San Diego Padres.

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Houston Astros Fans 2017 World Series
Houston Astros Fans 2017 World Series
Houston Astros Fans 2017 World Series


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