What Needs to be Done After Texas Church Mass Shooting

Sutherland Springs Texas church shooting 11 5 2017

If you’re like most people, some of the things you were complaining about yesterday are not very important today.

When something happens like what happened yesterday in Texas it suddenly makes you look at things differently.  What was a big deal before the mass shooting at a small church in a tiny town in Texas is suddenly not a big deal today.

To watch and hear of what happened on a quiet Sunday morning in a place where people probably spend every Sunday morning, in their church, has touched everyone in some way.

Sadly this is just the most recent of a series of mass shootings but this one, with children and generations of the same families losing their lives while praying and worshiping has us all looking at our daily lives a little differently today. 

And when this happens, we ask why.  Why did evil decide to descend upon the people of Sutherland Springs Texas?

Christians know that believing does not mean hard times don’t happen.  Just one week ago, the pastor of First Baptist Church, who lost his 14 year old daughter in the shooting, delivered a message about dealing with the bumps on the road of life.  He quoted Proverbs 3:5 that says not to lean on your own understanding, but to trust and depend on God.

But that doesn’t mean we just sit back and do nothing to stop these evil acts.  The Bible says to overcome evil with good.

So now we must ask hard questions, about guns, about mental health, about the family, about laws, about hate and about own hearts.

 And it wouldn’t hurt to ask for prayers fo the wisdom to find the answers.

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