Why Some San Diego Football Fans Got Indigestion on Thanksgiving

Chargers Beat Dallas Thanksgiving 2017

If you’ve become a hate watcher of the now Los Angeles Chargers, then you may have had a little Thanksgiving Day indigestion on the holiday.

Sure the Dallas Cowboys are not the same team they were last year when they won their division, but with the team that Dean Spanos took away from San Diego playing on the road in front of all those rabid Texas size Cowboys fans, they would likely lose.

But instead, the Cowboys fell off their saddle, played poorly and the team that a lot of former San Diego Charger fans now hate ended up winning.

And with the win, the Dean Spanos haters probably started burping up their mashed potatoes when they realized the win puts the team that betrayed them…now may have a shot at making the playoffs.

It’s still not likely, but it is now possible, given the fact that the other teams in their division have been falling apart lately.

If somehow and if some way, the team that thumbed its noses at San Diego after more than 50 years were to make it into the playoffs… in the immediate year after Dean Spanos replaced the SD on his team’s helmets with the letters L-A, it would be the nightmare the former fans of the San Diego Chargers only have nightmares about.

Would that be pouring salt in the wounds of former and still hurting San Diego Charger fans or what?

It would be unjust and unfair and just not right that the team that brought so much heartache to fans in San Diego who kept loving them in spite of all their bad seasons, would be going to the NFL playoffs.

If the unthinkable were to happen, the only thing that could make hate watching fans in San Diego feel any better, is knowing that sports fans in L-A probably wouldn’t even take notice.

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