My One & Only Conversation With Matt Lauer

I was a young TV news anchor at a TV station in San Antonio back in 1995. Matt Lauer was a news anchor on a much different level -- he was the news guy on the Today Show on NBC. This is before he became the host of the show. We had one thing in common -- we had the same agent at the time. I liked Lauer. I liked his delivery, his credibility and his sense of style. I asked my agent if Lauer would call me so I could pick his brain about life in the big leagues. I honestly thought I'd never hear from him.

Boy was I surprised when he called me a few days later. He was kind, personable and shared with me what it was like to work at the network. He even told me where he bought his suits (mainly Saks and that was out of my budget at the time!!). 

Over the years, I've heard rumors/whispers about him. They weren't good. Now this. It's a shame that a guy who seems to have it all risks it all in such an embarrassing way. And of course he's not the only one -- Bill O'Reilly, Roger Aisles, Charlie Rose -- the list goes on and on.

Why can't these guys keep their hands to themselves and their body parts in their pants!!?? It's really not that tough!! Seriously!!!

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