An Accidental Trip to the Dark Side of the Force

It’s always stressful when you have a car accident.  It’s even more stressful when it’s your fault and you have to live with the fact that you were stupid and careless.

The good news is that it was only a minor accident. But it still can make you angry with yourself that you weren’t careful and you let it happen.

But that’s what happened this weekend. 

Having just seen The Last Jedi, the newest Star Wars movie, the force was still strong in my mind…re-living the moments in the film, trying to figure out what was really meant by what one of the characters said and wondering what the third film in the latest Star Wars trilogy would be about. (Watch video below of our entry into the theater.)

And that’s what makes the Star Wars films so addictive.  We get to know and love the good guys.  And we know they always seem to get themselves out of even the most hopeless mess in which they find themselves.

And the films are filled with unexpected adventures. After seeing a Star Wars movie, you even imagine yourself with a light sabre striking down evil enemies.  The films distract you from the routine.

So when you end up having an unexpected accident after such a Star Wars experience on a Saturday afternoon, it shouldn’t be unexpected that your mind would wander off to somewhere in a galaxy a far, far away and you back out of a driveway and smash into the side of a parked car.

At that point all you can do is to say that you were taken over by the dark side of the Force and then call your favorite Jedi, your insurance agent..

The result of my trip to the Dark Side


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