The Good News in the War on Christmas

Baby Sienna as Jesus  C. Albert

Remember the wars on Christmas?  Based on a new Pew Research Center survey, the war may be simmering down or at least on hold.

The survey found that while most adults in the U.S. 55-percnt, say they celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, a majority also believes the religious parts of Christmas are emphasized less in our culture today than they used to be.

But the survey found that only one third of American adults say they’re bothered by that.

The Pew Research Center survey found that an increasing percentage of Americans say they do not have a preference about how they are greeted in stores during the holiday season with a declining percentage who say they prefer to have stores greet them with “merry Christmas.”  About 52 percent say that a store’s choice of holiday greeting doesn’t even matter to them.

The survey also found that while most Americans still do celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, a much smaller but growing percentage of Americans says they don’t believe the biblical elements of the Christmas story are historically accurate like the virgin birth of Jesus.

And the survey found that while two thirds of Americans say nativity displays should be allowed on government property during the holidays, the percent of those who are against that has grown by 30 percent in just the last three years.

So while the war on Christmas may have quieted down, this new Pew Research Center survey shows there are still major differences among Americans as to how they view Christmas and its meaning.

But for most everyone probably, this is still the most wonderful time of the year, even if not everyone agrees why that’s the good news about Christmas.

CLICK HERE to see full Pew Research Center survey.

(Photo of baby granddaughter by C. Albert)



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