South Park Business Owner Hoping To Brew Up New Spot

Friends of Rebecca's Coffee Shop in South Park are trying to help her find a new location, because her rent has been doubled.

Rebecca Zearing has been at 30th and Juniper 25 years, and this is the letter I received to help her.

"It's the Grinch who stole SOUTHPARK! Rebecca is a very generous and humble person. She never lets anyone help her, yet she helps everybody.

I thought I'd give you a little back story

1. All the events are free at Rebeccas - Music, poetry, open miss, acoustic concerts

2. Rebecca has hosted a lot of benefits. I had Colon/liver Cancer this year. Rebecca hosted my fundraiser. I would have lost my home and business!

3. She does work with Wounded Warriors and other Vets groups. She also bakes for their meetings and I don't think she ever charges them.

4. She raises money for Animal Rescue. She also helps get pets adopted and takes in Dogs until owners can be found.She promised a Navy Seal that she would take care of Deisel, his 100lb pit bull while he worked through some things. Unfortunately, the Seal suffered from PTSD and he committed suicide. She loved that dog and was true to her word until Deisel passed away this year.

5. She has helped a lot of homeless people, and even helped get a couple of them off the street.

6. She supports the local schools and has hosted many schools events.

I could go on and on, but I will leave you with one story that really shows us why it's so important to help her out. Rebecca had a customer that came in every day (Rob) and bought food and coffee and worked on his computer. One day he didn't come in. When Rebecca found out that he had a debilitating breakdown that caused him to retire from his job, she went to his home to check on him. He wasn't eating and could not even get himself dressed. Rebecca made food for him everyday and brought it to him so he would eat. When he was better she told him to come to "the shop" everyday so she could visit with him. She also made arrangements to help him get to the doctors, pay his bills, and more. Until now she has been feeding him FREE OF CHARGE. Sadly, she no longer has the ability to help him.

Here is a woman who barely was staying in business, who works over 10 hours a day, helping others at every turn.

It's HER turn.Please get the word out. Thousands of people will appreciate it!

Here is a link to her Go Fund Me Fundraising Page

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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