Winter Officially Arrives in San Diego

Winter Storm San Diego 1/9/2018

You wanted it you got it.  After the wildfires the last couple of months and all that dry weather, everyone wanted some rain.  With the reports now saying this first winter storm of the season is hitting San Diego County harder than expected, it looks like the wishes for rain have come true.

And this storm is just beginning with the rain and winds expected to pound us into tonight before it begins to taper off tomorrow morning.

Yes after having all that perfect weather around the holidays here in Southern California, when we were gloating about it to our friends and family back East when there were dealing with lots of snow and sub-freezing temperatures, now we are dealing with our version of winter in January.

Last year we got pounded in January and with the drought problems, it was welcome news.

This year the drought may be over but all the dry fire weather in recent months have made having rain this winter important again.

But when we have a storm like the one hitting us today, it’s a reminder that while we may have the finest weather in the country each year, Mother Nature still sometimes wants to send us a reminder that winter here may not be as bad as back East it can still deliver a punch now and then.

(Photo C.E.Albert)



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