What San Diego's Police Chief Will Leave Behind

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman 10News

It looks like we will know in the next few weeks who will take over as police chief in San Diego.

Mayor Faulconer is scheduled to interview the candidates next week.

Current San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman is retiring in March after serving in the position since March of 20-14 taking over for then-police chief Bill Landsdowne.

That was a time when there had been a few cops who were convicted of wrongdoing involving inappropriate sexual advances and conduct with women they stopped.

The cases prompted Landsdowne to request a federal audit in an attempt to restore public trust and accountability.

And that’s the situation Zimmerman was in a she moved into the police chief’s office that year working to make changes.

The biggest challenge for her has probably been leading a police department that has been understaffed, and under paid leading to problems with retaining cops and recruiting new ones.

Add to that being police chief in one of the largest cities in America during a time when police officers nationwide were coming under greater scrutiny than ever because of Ferguson, Baltimore and others, being police chief in San Diego has not been an easy job.

Many will say Chief Zimmerman’s greatest legacy will be her efforts to reach out into the community more to help regain the trust in her police officers among some citizens.  And there have been signs in recent times that it is working.  



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