Helix High Students Protest Police Throwing Girl to Ground

Helix High School Protest 1 22 2018 10News

Hundreds of students at Helix High School walked out of class Monday morning in protest after a La Mesa police officer was captured on camera throwing a female student to the ground during an altercation on the campus last week.Students exited their classrooms just after 8 a.m. and gathered near the front of the school in response to the incident that occurred Jan. 19 on school grounds. 

Video of the incident involving a La Mesa police school resource officer and the 17-year-old girl was posted on social media.   Students and other community members said they believe the officer used unnecessary force because the girl was already in handcuffs. Many are calling for the officer's removal.  

La Mesa police officials released the following statement on the incident:

On January 19th, 2018, at approximately 1:35 PM, a 17-year-old female high school student was arrested by a La Mesa Police School Resource Officer for refusing to obey a lawful order to leave school grounds and resisting arrest.The incident began at approximately 1:20 PM, when Helix High School staff requested the assistance of the School Resource Officer to remove a student, who was on suspended status and non-compliant with staff directions to leave the campus. The officer contacted the student and attempted to gain her voluntary compliance to leave, but she refused. The officer then orderedthe student to exit the school grounds, and she again refused, in violation of 626.8(a)(1) of the California Penal Code.The officer arrested and placed the student in handcuffs and began to walk her towards the school office. As they were walking, the student became non-compliant on two separate occasions and made an attempt to free herself by pulling away from the officer. To prevent the student from escaping, the officer forced the student to the ground. After the student agreed to quit resisting and attempting to escape, the officer assisted her up and walked her to his patrol vehicle. She was transported to the La Mesa Police Department.As a result of the incident, the student suffered minor abrasions. She was evaluated by paramedics at the La Mesa Police Department and deemed not to require treatment. The officer was not injured.


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