The Stressful Politics of Arguing

Chuck Schumer vs President Trump

Based on some recent Facebook posts, more people are getting even more tired of all the political bickering going on between Republican and Democratic partisans.

And it may have reached its peak with all the fighting that has gone on  over the on, and then off, federal government shutdown.  Each side accusing the other side in what seems like a never-ending blame game. 

And all the name calling and mean words seem to get worse and worse.

The cable news channels are looking more and more like the Jerry Springer Show.  What’s next?  The politicians and leaders in our government throwing chairs at each other?

Sometimes you get the feeling that some of these politicians on the Right and the Left think that arguing and bickering are good for their health.

Over the last few years, there have been studies on the pros and cons of arguing.  Some say it shortens your life.  Others say blowing off some steam keeps you healthier.

All the arguing and fighting going on may or may not be good for the politicians’ health, but it’s clearly stressing out a lot of Americans. 

And voters who are worried about it and weary of it, are probably wishing all of them in Washington start acting like adults and not school-yard children.

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