A San Diego Sports Victory: Trevor Hoffman in Baseball Hall of Fame

Padres Hall of Fame pitcher Trevor Hoffman Getty Images

A few weeks ago, a syndicated sports columnist who lives somewhere else had some fun poking at San Diego, naming us the worst sports city in America.

He says we deserve the title of worst sports city for several reasons.

Among them, no Super Bowl wins, no World Series wins, no NBA or NHL titles.  And no NBA or NHL teams for that matter.

He pointed to the fact that San Diego is no longer the home of an NFL team.  And he suggests that it’s our fault because we let the Chargers move to L-A!  Not quite.

He even picked on our local college sports teams, despite the San Diego State Aztecs success in recent years in football and basketball.

Most of us don’t care what this guy says about us.  He doesn’t live here and we don’t want him to.

And this week we get to maybe make him eat some humble pie.  Because now San Diego is the home of another member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Longtime San Diego Padres relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman was elected into the hall that honors the best baseball players of all time.

And when you look at some of the other San Diegans who are already in the Baseball Hall of Fame, notably Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield, to say that San Diego isn’t a sports town, is off the mark.

And Trevor Hoffman, Tony Gwynn and Dave Winfield always have been known as people who have given back to their community.  And that says something about sports in San Diego.

That being a great sports town is not always about wins and losses but about the character of those who are on the team and represent the city.

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