Listen LIVE @ 6pm. President Trump to Deliver State of The Union


Listen to LIVE coverage of The State of the Union Address on KOGO. 

Tonight at 6p.m. President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union Address. You can hear it live on AM600 or via the iHeart Radio App

President Donald Trump will herald a robust economy and push for bipartisan congressional action on immigration in Tuesday's State of the Union address.

The speech marks the ceremonial kickoff of Trump's second year in office and is traditionally a president's biggest platform to speak to the nation. However, Trump has redefined presidential communications with his high-octane, filter-free Twitter account and there's no guarantee that the carefully crafted speech will resonate beyond his next tweet.

Still, White House officials are hopeful the president can use the prime-time address to Congress and millions of Americans watching at home to take credit for a soaring economy. Trump argues that the tax overhaul he signed into law late last year has boosted business confidence and will lead companies to reinvest in the United States.

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Source: Associated Press


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