President Trump Praises First Lady TV Commercial

A TV commercial in 2005 featuring First lady Melania Trump has resurfaced after the President talked about it during a meeting with some American workers he invited to the White House who are benefiting from the GOP tax bill he signed last month.

In the TV ad for Aflac Insurance, Melania Trump played a woman undergoing a brain transplant with the Aflac "Duck" in a mad scientist's experiment.

President Trump talked about the TV ad after an Aflac employee at the White House meeting gave Trump a pair of socks with pictures of the Aflac Duck. 

The President was quoted as saying "Oh good. Your chairman [Dan Amos] I know very well, and he's done a fantastic job," Trump said. "They actually a long time ago hired my wife to do a big commercial."

"You know that right?" the President said. "An Aflac commercial and I think it was a successful commercial too."



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