The Cold Reality of a Minnesota Super Bowl

Minneapolis Mayor Super Bowl Welcome Video

It’s Super Bowl weekend.  And here in San Diego it may bring a bit of a bitter nostalgic feeling to us as we think about the fact that our city probably will never ever host a Super Bowl again.

When the Chargers left us behind for L-A, they likely took with them chances to host the big game any time in the next decade or two or three.

San Diego has hosted three Super Bowl games and each time, a lot of the people who came to town said San Diego should host Super Bowls all the time…that it was the perfect place with the perfect weather.

With the Super Bowl this year in Minneapolis, in the middle of a Minnesota winter, where the high temperature on Super Bowl Sunday will be 8, as in 8 degrees, we might be shaking our heads and thinking why anyone would want to visit a place like Minneapolis in early February even for the Super  Bowl.

Sure the game is inside a dome but how do you enjoy everything else everyone does, such as going out to dinner and seeing the sights.

Despite his city’s frigid conditions, the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is trying. He did a video welcome, in which he says they “embrace the winter in a big way, that it doesn’t matter if its minus 10, minus 20 or 32 degrees, we’re outside having a ball  So have a good time and visit us again.”

But of course with the Minnesota Vikings having lost to Philadelphia for a chance to be in the Super Bowl, it’s not easy for the Minneapolis mayor to welcome Eagles fans to his town.




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