INTERVIEW: Film Features San Diego's Unique Homeless Choir

Susan Polis Schutz tells the story in film of how hope has come to the homeless in San Diego thanks to a the Voices of Our City Choir, a chorus consisting of homeless people.  

In interviews with fourteen members of Voices of Our City Choir, they tell their stories; from women who have been abused and used, to those battling addiction, to people who just can't afford housing, to people who need medical care. They talk about their backgrounds, why they are homeless, the inhumanity of homelessness, their hopes and dreams, and what each think the solutions to the homeless problem might be. 

While singing inspirational songs such as "Over the Rainbow," their voices soar, and the harsh realities of the street evaporate if only for an hour.  Together, in their shared voices, they find joy and family. And from their music comes the power to change lives. 

The Voices of Our City Choir was founded by professional musicians Steph Johnson and Nina Deering for people experiencing homelessness and those who support the cause. Their mission is to bring the community together so that each member of society has the opportunity to have their voice heard and celebrated.  More about Susan Polis Schutz.

The film debuts March 28th on KPBS Television.

Watch the trailer for The Homeless Chorus Speaks.

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