Street-Sweeper Involved In Bay Ho Hit And Run

Two construction workers were injured Friday morning during a bizarre hit-and-run crash in the Bay Ho neighborhood. Police say a street sweeper snagged a hose and dragged the two construction workers into an open trench.  

The crash happened around 12:30a.m. in the 4600 block of Morena Boulevard.  A 52-year-old man sustained fractured ribs and a 38-year-old man suffered a broken hand. Both were taken to a hospital for treatment.  

Police say the street-sweeper stopped momentarily before the driver and his female passenger sped away. Another construction worker followed the truck until he lost sight of it heading eastbound on Route 94.  

With the license plate information provided by the construction worker who followed the truck, police tracked the vehicle to a home in National City where four people were detained for questioning. They have all been released. The group didn't include the driver of the street-sweeper, and officers are still looking for him.  Anyone with information should call San Diego Police.

Photo Credit: 10 News 


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