The Angry and Fearful Voices of the Young

Florida High School Students 2-21-2018  Getty Images

It’s happening everywhere week after the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Here in San Diego County, at least three more schools today, several other schools earlier this week, deciding to bring police and extra security on their campuses.

Schools here and around the country are responding to things posted on social media about reported shootings, comments about shootings or comments about threats. 

All of them have been called unsubstantiated or not credible, but because of what happened in Florida and because of the fears and worries among students, parents and teachers, schools bring in extra security guards, police officers and sheriff’s deputies to be on the campuses, just in case. And to help ease some of those fears and worries.

Yet some parents have chosen not to send their kids to school.  And anyone can certainly understand why, whether you’re a parent yourself or not.

After what happened in Florida and the memories it stirred up about the many other mass shootings that have happened in this country, including some in San Diego, many people are afraid.

But they also are angry as the father of a girl shot dead in Florida told the President at his listening session this week.  Students are angry across the country and their voices are being heard.  

The big question now is…will the fears, this anger and these voices lead to something happening that will make us all feel better about sending our kids to school every morning.

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