More Shelter Beds Available for San Diego Homeless Due to Cold

An additional 280 shelter beds will be available in downtown San Diego again tonight due to the cold, rainy weather, the city Housing Commission announced today.

Father Joe's Villages will house up to 250 people in common areas of its building at 1501 Imperial Ave. for the second consecutive night, with check-ins available throughout the evening and a check-out time of 5 a.m. Wednesday. A meal will be provided.

The nonprofit already provides shelter to about 2,100 people nightly in San Diego.

Up to 30 additional people will be sheltered at the PATH San Diego/Connections Housing Shelter at 1250 Sixth Ave. Check-in will be from 5 to 7 p.m. and check out is at 7 the following morning. A meal will be provided.

The commission activates additional shelter beds when overnight temperatures drop below 50 degrees and there is a 40 percent chance of rain, or in exceptional weather conditions such as one or more inches of rain within 24 hours or sustained winds over 25 mph.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: CNS


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