President Trump to Speak to Troops in San Diego Tuesday

Donald Trump makes his first visit to California as President tomorrow.

Trump will speak to troops in San Diego and is expected to view some prototypes for a border wall. A massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has been one of Trump's top priorities since he first started running for president. 

President Trump's address to the troops at MCAS Miramar is scheduled to begin at 2p.m. 

You will hear that speech live on AM600 KOGO or you can listen via the iHeart Radio App

Ahead of his visit, people who oppose his plan for the border wall have organized protest rallies. One was held Monday morning in Chicano Park. Opponents call the president's plan wasteful, harmful and irresponsible. See video below.

After leaving San Diego, Trump heads for Beverly Hills to headline a big Republican fundraiser. "Politico" reports ticket prices are running up to 250-thousand dollars. 

The Trump administration has a tense relationship with the Golden State. The Justice Department is suing California over sanctuary immigration policies. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown has accused Trump of declaring war on his state. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: 24/7



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