Why President Trump's Visit to San Diego is Different

The President’s trip to San Diego is already historic.  This is President Trump’s first visit to California since he we elected in November of 2016.  That makes him the first U.S. president not to visit California during his first year in office since President Dwight Eisenhower back in the 1950’s.

Donald Trump’s visit to California also is making more news than probably most of his other visits to other states since he’s become president.  His trip comes just days after his administration filed a lawsuit against California, its Governor and its Attorney General.

And the President is visiting the state that was not kind to him in the election, with him losing the popular vote nationwide probably because of California.

But we’ve all learned during Donald Trump’s presidency, both his supporters and detractors, that the president doesn’t mind controversy and conflict.  In fact there are those both inside and outside the White House who have said he thrives on it.

So it’s not likely that Donald Trump will particularly be offended by protests or critical comments from lots of California politicians.

As for San Diego, this is not the first time of course that a U.S. President has paid us a visit.  We’ve had plenty of presidents of the past come to San Diego, from Kennedy to Clinton to Obama and from Nixon and Reagan to Bush 1 and Bush 2.

But today’s visit by the nation’s 45th president is certain to get lots of attention, maybe more than visits to San Diego by past presidents.  But then that’s why Donald Trump himself has said that’s why he was elected, because he was different than other presidents.

President Trump Heads to California 3-13-2018 Getty Images


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