Why San Diego is a Good Sports City

San Diego may not have an NBA basketball team or an NHL hockey team or an NFL football team. But the teams we do have are on the rise again.

The SDSU men’s basketball team made it back to the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.  And should be even better next year.

The Aztec football team has become a regular now in post season college football bowl games. And you can add USD’s winning basketball and football teams to our list of teams doing better.

The Major League Baseball Padres surprisingly spent a ton of money on top free agent slugger and are said to have one of the best group of young minor league players in baseball and are expected to be much more competitive this season. And some think could even make it into the postseason playoffs.

And we can’t forget about our local Olympic snow boarder Shaun White who unexpectedly won a gold medal again at the Winter Games despite suffering a serious injury just months before.

A national sports writer may have recently dubbed SD as the worst sports city in the country, and yes, there have been plenty of disappointments at times, and yes, the Chargers turned their backs on us.

But to suggest we’re not a good sports town is to misunderstand what it means to be a good sports town.

It’s not always about the wins and losses but about the character of those who compete and the perseverance and support of those who are fans.

San Diego Skyline  Getty Images


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