A Mean Girl Named John

I have nothing against John Oliver, though I have always found him smug...I even occasionally think he is funny. Today, I dislike him. 

All over a bunny, of all things. 

Vice President Mike Pence's 24 year old daughter, Charlotte, wrote a book about their bunny, Marlon Bundo. His wife Karen illustrated it, and it outlines a day in the life of the Vice President. 

It's a kid's book, with a portion of the proceeds going to charities helping victims of human trafficking, something we know all too much about here in San Diego. Human trafficking has been ruining girls lives across our county, and the damage can last a lifetime. 

Some of the money will also benefit art therapy programs. I don't know anyone against that either. 

That, of course, isn't what Oliver has a problem with. He has a problem with Mike Pence, the man. He has a problem with Pence's stance on homosexuality. I get it. 

I disagree with the Vice President on homosexuality as well. But I am not going to beat up on one of his kids over it. And I am not going to bag on a children's book over it either. 

Oliver's book is outselling Pence's, and the proceeds go to worthwhile charities as well, so I am glad of that. His charities are The Trevor Project and AIDS United. 

And Charlotte pence is gracious in talking about Oliver and his book, which you can see below. 


I am thrilled that charities are the beneficiary of both books. But I don't have to like John Oliver and his approach to this. 

There are a lot of people I know and love who will disagree with me on this, and that's OK. Politics has made us all a little nutty, and somehow we have decided that anything goes. 

I think Oliver could have been lovely and constructive. I believe he could have sold out any book that he wanted without the parody, and helped the very same people he wanted to help, sans the element of mean that, intended or not, he aimed at a 20 something young woman. 


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