WATCH: Alleged Affairs Not Hurting Trump Among Evangelicals


All the recent news about alleged past affairs by President Trump has not lessened his support among a large group of Christians.

A new Pew Research Center survey done this month shows that support for the President among white evangelical Christians has actually grown since early this year, from 72 percent to 78 percent.

David Brody, chief political correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network and author of “The Faith of Donald J. Trump” told ABC News that evangelicals believe Trump is fighting for Judeo-Christian values and freedom in the U.S.  He also says that because the alleged affairs are in Trump’s past, they believe in grace.

The Pew survey of other Christian denominations shows white mainline Protestants split almost 50-50 on the president, with an overwhelming percentage of African-American Protestants not supporting the president and a majority of 57 percent of American Catholics saying they don’t like the job Trump is doing.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

President Trump at Church Getty Images


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