How Much Does It Cost To Live in San Diego?

Do you being home more than $8000 a month? If not, it could be a struggle living in San Diego.

According to a report by our reporting partner, 10News, a family of 4 needs to being in $97,547 a year, so basically $100k. 

I did some research and here's the problem: according to the Open Data Network, the percent earning over $100,000 of San Diego County was 16.70% in 2016. The average salary: $70,000.

What does this mean? Most San Diegans are not only living paycheck to paycheck, but they're also not saving a penny. 

Look -- we all know it's expensive to live here. We pay the sunshine tax to live in America's Finest City. Question is -- how much longer can we afford to pay the price?

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