Dating is Crazy Enough...DON'T Let These People Help!

In the immortal words of Loretta Castorini, in Moonstruck, I have bad luck. 

I have no idea why that is, but I have not exactly been a prolific dater. 

I don't even get asked out all that often. I am not griping here, I gotta tell you, it saves me a world of grief. Dating makes me feel weird. And I am not particularly good at it. I think there are people who have this skill-set, and those who don't. 

I am firmly in the latter category. 

It is very difficult for me to get to know people, because I tend to be very guarded. Even my closest friends believe that I keep things from them. 

They are correct. It can take me years to open up to people. Sometimes, I think I am being open, and it turns out, I am not. 

So....Tinder. I figure I would have better luck on almost any dating app if I let someone else handle it. 

It has worked so well for me so far...heh. 

I'll just be over here...with my cat...minding my own business.