The Hope of San Diego Padre Fans

San Diego Padres mascot  Getty Images

San Diego Padres mascot Getty Images

About a week ago, most Padre fans were filled with optimism about the new Major League Baseball Season.  

It was Opening Day when the fans of every team are filled with optimism.   Now, eight days later, with the Padres having only one game so far, it would be natural to think that fans now are not as filled with less optimism.

But true baseball fans know that in baseball, it is a very long season.  With just one week’s worth of games played, that means there are 155 games still left to play.

So true baseball fans know that the string of losses now often turn into strings of wins later, and they know that baseball is like running a marathon. You take every mile one mile at a time.

It‘s the same in baseball.  You don’t look to the end of the season right at the beginning of the season.  Instead you focus on each game, that day’s game and, as they say, it’s one game at a time.

When you think about it, it’s kind of like life.  You take one day a time, and if you do what you need to do every day, at the end, it is a life filled with lots of good days, despite the disappointments along the way.

We’re told in the Bible not to worry about tomorrow, and that worrying accomplishes nothing but more worrying.

And that’s exactly what Padre fans need to think about right now. You see, for true baseball fans, each game is a story in itself. 

Sure, you want to see the team win, but maybe less worry and more hope is better.  And of course it doesn’t hurt if there were to be some divine intervention.  After all, they are called the Padres.

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