What to do About California's Rising Gas Prices?

Gas prices have been on the rise in San Diego and throughout the state with some prices now several cents above four dollars a gallon.

The average price in San Diego County has reached a little over $3.50 a gallon. And the experts say it could get worse before it gets better.

Of course, except for Hawaii, California usually has pretty much  the highest prices in the country.  And why is that?

We used to hearing about it being due to the environmentally friendly summer blend that costs more.  And we’re used to hearing about refinery problems. And we’re used to hearing of course about rising gas taxes.

A report in the San Diego Union Tribune suggests that whatever the stated reasons may be, we pay more than we should for gas in California.

The report quotes a U-C Berkeley professor who calls the price differential “California’s mystery gasoline surcharge.”

The report notes that the Consumer Watchdog organization in Southern California says the oil industry has been to blame for higher gas prices and oil companies have often been accused of manipulating the supply to drive up prices.

But no matter who’s to blame what’s ahead is probably higher gas prices.  With the Memorial Day Holiday weekend coming next month and the summer vacation driving season just ahead, gas prices traditionally go up.

So what do you do?  Consumer advocates say you should shop around for the cheapest gas, go on line and check prices, and avoid letting your tank get so low, you have to fill up at the closest station.  And be ready to set aside a few extra bucks for gas.

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Gas Prices in California  Getty Images

Gas Prices in California Getty Images