99-Tons of Trash Gathered During Clean SD Initiative

Mayor Faulconer is showing off the early results of his "Clean SD" initiative. Since kicking off the campaign last May, the mayor says city crews have removed 99-tons of trash from all city-owned properties along the San Diego River at least once.

It's a milestone, with the city removing nearly 99-tons of waste from 32 locations since September. The city owns about a third of the property along the San Diego River, and the mayor says he's urging other property owners along the river to do their part to clean as well. "Clean SD" was launched with the goal of removing litter and debris in areas throughout the county known for high levels of illegal dumping. 

Today, the mayor will talk about the progress being made, and the goals for the future. He'll be joined at a trail along the river with President and CEO of the San Diego River Park Foundation Rob Hustel and Director of Environmental Services Department Mario Sierra.

Photo Credit: City of San Diego