Crazy Russian Hacker!

I have wondered about that Flex we know.

I will admit to being sucked-in by infomercials. 

There I am, minding  my own business, and a dude cuts a boat in half. 

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how these guys on TV know EXACTLY what to do to get me to watch like a big goober as they tape together halved boats and speed across the water. 

I can, apparently, be had. 

The good news is...I have never ordered anything with an " As seen on TV," tag. 


I am so happy there are other people who also wonder if this stuff really works. 

I suppose there is an advantage to using the excuse of, "I am testing this on YouTube so you don't have to," for buying it. In a killer Russian accent, no less. 

It takes a bit of the sting out of being, potentially, suckered.