The Founder of Facebook's Un-friendly Future

Zipping through the channels on cable television the other day there it was, "Social Network".

The 2010 film is all about the founding of Facebook, the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s unprecedented trip from nowhere to everywhere, a path that has made him a personal fortune and a path that has now led him to Congress to testify about a scandal that a man like him who had a vision …probably never envisioned.

The film about the founding of Facebook was based on a book entitled, “The Accidental Billionaires. A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal”.

It told the story of how Zuckerberg went from Harvard student to billionaire and the story of the lawsuits filed against him by friends who said he stole their idea for Facebook.

Now Zuckerberg is facing tough questioning on Capitol Hill by members of Congress who have questions about why close to 90 million Facebook users had their personal information used for political purposes by the infamous Cambridge Analytica research consulting firm.

Zuckerberg has apologized and says what happened was his fault and has ordered changes that already are taking place.

But there are some who believe that won’t be enough for some members of Congress who want to clamp down on the social media juggernaut and pass laws to regulate Facebook and likely other social networks as well.

The scandal also has generated a rapidly growing rejection among users who have signed off Facebook for good with many admitting their lives have become less stressful because of it.

 So with pressure from the federal government and with the departure of users, the future of Facebook is one that is certain to be "un-friendly".

WATCH SNL spoof below.

(Photo credit Getty Images)