Doorbell Camera Video of Emergency Balloon Landing in Rancho Penasquitos

The SkyBell Doorbell camera of a Rancho Penasquitos resident captured a hot air balloon making an emergency landing in the neighborhood Sunday evening. 

There were 14 passengers onboard when the balloon experienced an unknown issue just after 7pm. No one was hurt. 

The camera belonging to resident Patty Lane caught the balloon as it was descending on a hillside at Penasquitos Drive and Del Diablo. Lane says the ropes from the balloon dragged across the roof of her home as it passed over. 

Passenger Shane Hardin says the pilot was calm and confident as they searched for a place to land. After nearly landing on the roof of a home and missing a nearby park, the balloon came to rest on the hillside. 

Nearby residents ran over to the balloon to assist in keeping it anchored until authorities made it to the scene. 

The FAA was notified of the emergency landing. 

Videos Courtesy of Patty Lane

Patty Lane SkyBell Balloon
Patty Lane via SkyBell