How San Diego State Aztec Rashaad Penny Did It

Sometimes what happens in sports can be an example of what happens in everyday life.

Take the case of Rashaad Penny, the running back on the San Diego State University Aztec football team who is going to get to do what he always dreamed about….play in the NFL.

But before he even plays his first professional game, what Penny already has done and how he did are worth noting.

You see Rashaad Penny was told he was too small to be a star in college football.  He ended up not only setting records at San Diego State, but he led the nation in what they call total rushing yards. 

And then Rashaad Penny was told that his performance in college would would make him a leading candidate for college football’s highest honor the Heisman Trophy.  He wasn’t even selected as a finalist.

And then Rashaad Penny was told don’t expect to be selected in the NFL draft in the first round, where the big money is for rookies. It probably won’;t happen.

But now it has. He surprised a lot of the so-called experts and was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks in the first round, the first time that’s happened to a player at San Diego State in 20 years.

For many who have known Rashaad Penny, though it’s not a surprise.  Because he was known as a humble guy who not only played football well, but played life well.

As he once told a writer at the San Diego Union Tribune, “I never look at at the accolades.. That’s just how I was raised.”

(Photo credit Getty Images)

SDSU Aztec Rashaad Penny 2018 NFL Draft  Getty Images

SDSU Aztec Rashaad Penny 2018 NFL Draft Getty Images