When a Dress REALLY IS Just a Dress

She is a Utah teenager who wore a qipao, (cheongsam,) to prom. He is on Twitter. Hilarity ensues.

I watched this go down over the last few days, and was bewildered. She is a teenager in America today, Hell, we should be grateful she was wearing any clothes, at all! 

I don't know how Jeremy Lam found her, but he LOST HIS MIND when he saw her in the dress. 

"My culture is not your f*(^!ng prom dress!" Jeremy tweeted. 

We've finally taken it that one step too far, and maybe, because of much ado about nothing, we will finally force it back toward the middle. 

Let me be clear, Jeremy can be outraged if he wants, but we don't have to indulge him. 

She is a kid, who just wanted to look pretty. And she did.  

Turns out, the Chinese IN China seem pretty OK with her choice.

Anyone want to lay money on sale's spikes of the Cheongsam, or Quipao in America? I am guessing Chinese clothing manufacturers are gearing up for overtime. 

I am going to continue to enjoy and appreciate culture...in food, dress, art, theater....whatever. And let the Jeremy Lam's of the world marinate in their smug, self-righteousness, without me. 

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