Go Fund Me Page For San Diego Baby Mauled By Pit Bull

The sister of a baby attacked by a pit bull has set up a Go Fund Me Page for medical expenses. The baby is in critical  condition with a cracked skull, broken nose and several other injuries.

A dog that attacked and seriously injured a 2-month-old girl was euthanized at its owner's request, a county official said Tuesday.

The 20-month-old male pit bull attacked Jemma Lind-Linda Monday afternoon. 

The child remains at Rady Children's Hospital where she underwent surgery for extensive injuries, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

 A GoFundMe page has been created by her older sister, Shermane Eugene, to help cover her medical expenses.

The baby was in the backyard of her Home on Irving Avenue near Sicard Street at about 2:30 p.m. Monday when the neighbor's pit bull attacked and clamped the child's head in his jaws. 

The dog's owner jammed his hand into the dog's mouth to get him to let go of the baby, Eugene said.The baby's injuries include a fractured skull, puncture wounds to her head, eye injuries and a broken nose, the older sister wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Her sister, Shermane Eugene, set up this page with this intro:

This go fund me is to help pay medical expenses for my youngest of 4 sisters Jemma-Linda who was viciously attacked by a pit bull today and is in critical condition. 

She has suffered several injuries to her head and face including a cracked cranium and a severe wounds in her eyes.

 As I held Jem this morning I wondered about what life she would grow up to live and how beautiful she is. Our entire family is completely heart broken. Even if you can't donate today please take time to pray for her full recovery and future. Thank you for your time.

The fund for the Go Fund Me Page is here

Photo Credit: Go Fund Me

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