Join Carl DeMaio in Demanding Release of Stadium Site Development Agreement

You may have heard that two initiatives will appear on the November 2018 ballot that would each sell the Mission Valley site where the old Qualcomm (currently SDCCU) stadium sits. Before voters decide on which one (if any) to support, they deserve to know all the details – but the San Diego City politicians are withholding that information from the public.

One proposal is called “Soccer City” and the other is called “SDSU West” but BOTH initiatives are a front for developers.

There are a number of arguments for and against these proposals – matters which can be debated during the fall campaign. However, there are important details relating to both Initiatives that must be release immediately.

Backers of each of these competing proposals have tried to deflect criticism on a wide range of issues (traffic, value of land, timing of public amenities, etc.) by saying “Oh, don’t worry, our proposal calls for a contract between us and the city to resolve all those issues!”

It is true that both Initiatives call for a contract to deal with a lot of issues that the Initiatives are vague on – in the form of a Lease Contract for Soccer City and in the form of a Land Sale Contract for SDSU West.

Unfortunately, city politicians are refusing to release a copy of either of these contracts! 

Carl DeMaio is calling on San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott and the Mayor and City Council to commit to releasing a draft agreement for each of these competing initiatives no later than July 1, 2018.

“Voters have a right to know the full details before casting their votes for either Initiative,” says DeMaio. “Failure to release these detailed contracts before a public vote severely undermines San Diego taxpayers’ negotiating position with these competing developers,” warns DeMaio.

City Attorney Mara Elliott is supposed to have the duty of drafting these agreements – and the Mayor and City Council can and should initiate public negotiations on any important issue that is to be spelled out in the contracts.

“What is Mara Elliott waiting for and why is she intentionally keeping voters in the dark and at a disadvantage on the stadium replacement initiatives?” asks DeMaio.

“If Mara Elliott won’t do her job on her own, the Mayor and City Council have the power to compel her to produce draft contracts – or have the right to outsource the drafting of the contracts to outside counsel,” DeMaio explains.

Carl DeMaio is urging San Diego voters to immediately contact the City Attorney and City Council to urge them to act immediately by releasing draft contracts to go along with the two ballot initiatives.

City Attorney – Mara Elliott

Mara Elliott:

Phone: 619-236-6220

District 1 – Barbara Bry 

Barbara Bry:

Chief of Staff, Jamie Fox:

Phone: (619) 236-6611

District 2 – Lorie Zapf

Lorie Zapf –

Chief of Staff, Kelly Batten:

Phone: (619) 236-6622

District 3 – Chris Ward 

Chris Ward:

Chief of Staff, Molly Chase:

Phone: (619) 236-6633

District 4 – Myrtle Cole 

Myrtle Cole:

Chief of Staff, Jimmie Slack:

Phone: (619) 236 - 6644

District 5 – Mark Kersey 

Mark Kersey:

Chief of Staff, Elizabeth Spillane:

Phone: (619) 236-6655

District 6 – Chris Cate 

Chris Cate:

Chief of Staff, James Hauser:

Phone: (619) 236-6616

District 7 – Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman:

Chief of Staff, Barrett Tetlow:

Phone: (619) 236-6677

District 8 – David Alvarez

David Alvarez –

Chief of Staff, Travis Knowles:

Phone: (619) 236-6688

District 9 – Georgette Gomez

Georgette Gomez:

Chief of Staff, Dominika Bukalova:

Phone: (619) 236-6699

Photo Credit: Jack Cronin

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