How to Make Mom Happy on Mother's Day

It’s almost here. Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re still thinking about what to get or do for your mom or grand mom, don’t worry.   

There are organizations that come up with ideas that might help you determine what to do buy or do. The National Retail Federation is one of them and the people in that organization keep track of Mother’s Day gifts so they know something about all of this.

They say just over one third of people will spend money on jewelry for mom and just over half of people will spend money on going out for brunch or dinner.

The National retail Federation survey says flowers will be given or sent to almost 70 percent on moms and grand moms.

They say 45 percent of Mother’s Day shoppers will buy gift cards.

The survey also revealed that close to one third of moms want to receive a "gift of experience" such as a spa day, tickets to a concert or gym membership.

A spokesman for the National Retail Foundation’s survey says "Mother's Day continues to be a holiday close to the heart of many Americans and this year is no different.

In all, something like 8-billion dollars will be spent on gifts for Mother’s Day.

And the information in a survey like this can help you spend the money you spend wisely on just the right gift for your mom.

And that’s a smart thing. Because we all know what they say about when mom’s not happy nobody’s happy.

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