The Neighborhood Problem of Short Term Vacation Rentals

You certainly have heard all the talk and the news coverage in recent months about short term vacation rentals in San Diego.

The debate about them has actually gone on for the last few years, as the trend of Airbnb vacation rentals of privately owned homes and condos has grown big time.

If you don’t live close to the beach, or anywhere even halfway near the beach, your neighborhood has maybe not seen many short term vacation rentals.  So maybe you don’t care much about it.

Or maybe you are one of those who do it, who rents out your home or condo through Airbnb to vacationers coming to San Diego for a few days or a couple of weeks and you’re making money on it.

But there is a clear split across many neighborhoods in San Diego over short term vacation rentals.

While some may be making money on them and while visitors may be getting great deals on nice places to stay without having to go to a hotel, there are plenty of people in plenty of neighborhoods in San Diego who don’t like it because it brings people they don’t know into their neighborhood who don’t probably care too much about the neighborhood who change the neighborhood in a negative way.

So solving what to do about short term vacation rentals is not going to be easy for the mayor and the city council to solve.

They’re expected to take it up again this summer, right in the middle of the short term vacation rental season.   The decision they end up making will likely please some and not please others. Guess it will depend on what happens in your neighborhood.

San Diego Beach  Getty Images

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