Horse Down Escondido Ravine Is Hoisted To Safety

Escondido Firefighters come to the rescue of a horse that was down in a ravine.

At 4:24 PM, Thursday, May 17, Escondido Fire communication center received a request for assistance in the rescue of a horse down in a ravine near Via Conejo in South Escondido.

 A 32-year-old horse was on its side and unable to stand due to the steep terrain and many rocks. 

With the assistance of a Veterinarian and an officer from San Diego Animal Services, firefighters were able to improvise a sling and host the horse to level ground at the top of the ravine. 

After a quick check by the Veterinarian, the horse was able to walk back to its corral.

 Eight fire fighters assisted in the rescue. There were no injuries.

Photo Credit: Escondido Fire Dept.

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