Why We Care About the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding isn't, "important," but that doesn't make it less interesting...

And after many years doing news and talk, I can tell you why people are so intrigued. 

It's a happy story. Two people met, fell in love and are getting married. 

Plus, there are crowns. 

In a sea of bad news, it's a little ray of sunshine. You can't help but root for Prince Harry and his new Duchess. They seem like nice people. 

They both have weird families. 

They like dogs. 

They are just like us, but waaaaayyyyyy more wealthy. 

That they are getting a lot of coverage takes nothing away from the horrible news out of Texas. 

It doesn't diminish the import of the Korean Summit, which may...or may not...happen. 

It's just a nice story, featuring nice people and really great clothes.

Yes, we could be talking about more "important," things. But I believe it's OK to take a break from all the gloom, and watch a girl marry her Prince.  

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