Why School Shootings in U.S. Are a National Disgrace

The governor of Texas has begun meetings and discussions to try to find answers to the question everyone is asking.

It’s the question that is asked after every one of the dozens and dozens of mass shootings at schools in our country.  And it’s the question that remains unanswered even after years and years of school shootings.

To Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s credit, he didn’t waste any time getting law enforcement and teachers together to address the question.  Hours after 8 students and two teachers were killed and 10 other people wounded by a 17 year old male student at Santa Fe High School, the governor said prayers were no longer enough and that action is needed.

He said he was going to get everyone together in just a few days to try to find answers to the question that never gets answered after school shootings.

As the Texas governor said in a statement, “I am seeking the best solutions to make our schools more secure and to keep our communities safe.”

Everyone of course is in favor of finding solutions to end the mass shootings at schools in our country, but not everyone agrees on what those best solutions are.  So the answer to the question that everyone wants answered, never gets answered.

Meanwhile, kids still go to school in our country taking part in drills on what to do if an active shooter shows up at their school.  Teachers train on how to lockdown their classrooms and hide their kids. And too many parents drop off their kids hoping and praying that evil doesn’t visit their school that day.

And yet school shooting after school shooting, except for a little extra security, virtually nothing is done to prevent, or at least reduce, the chances of yet another school shooting in the United States.  Some would call that a national disgrace!

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Santa Fe High School shooting May 2018  Getty Images

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