San Diego Fighting Against State Water Tax

County Water Statue - Jack Cronin

San Diego County, the San Diego County Water Authority and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association are opposing SB 623, a bill looking to raise water rates by 135 million dollars a year to improve water quality.

They say it would only be the start of more taxes in the future, and instead, proposed other ways to pay for the safe drinking water program, including money from Cap and Trade, or fines from water pollution.

The issue is currently being debated in Sacramento, with the proposal added as a trailer to the current budget.

Following the news conference with Kristin Gaspar, the Chair of the County Board of Supervisors, Mark Muir, the Chair of the County Water Authority, joined NewsRadio 600 KOGO.

Mark Muir Interview - 5-23-18 - NewsRadio 600 KOGO

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