Father of Texas School Shooter Says His Son is Victim

In the one week after the deadly shooting at a high school in Santa Fe Texas, where eight students and two teachers died, investigators still don’t know why a 17 year old male student decided to walk into his school that day and open fire.

But his father, a Greek immigrant, in an interview with a TV station in Greece this week says he thinks he may know why.

According to a report in Time Magazine, the boy’s father said his son may have recently been bullied, causing him to carry out his attack.

“Something must have happened this last week, his dad said.  Somebody probably came and hurt him and since he was a solid boy, I don’t know what could have happened. I can’t say what happened. All I can say is what I suspect as a father.”

And in his interview with the Greek TV station, the father also described the pain he and his family feel and how he told police to let him inside the school that day so his son, could kill him instead.

He said his 17 year old boy took a legally owned shotgun and handgun the dad owned from his closet before leaving for school that day.  

His father adding: “My son, to me, is not a criminal, he’s a victim. The kid didn’t own guns. I owned guns.

That’s little comfort for the parents who lost children that day a week ago. 

But whatever is done to try to prevent more school shootings in this country, all parents will play a role, and one should be to demand that our state local and federal government leaders finally take action to make sure that other parents don’t suffer what those parents in Santa Fe Texas are suffering.

(Photo credit Getty Images)


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