Plants And Foods To Help Fight Mosquitoes

You should check your yard frequently and get rid of standing water in buckets, or plant saucers or anywhere else mosquitoes can breed. It only takes an inch of water. Plus you can put in plants mosquitoes don't like, and you can eat food to repel mosquitoes as well.

County vector control experts do aerial drops and treat other waterways for mosquitoes by hand. 

You're asked to do your part by checking inside and outside of the house for standing water, where mosquitoes can breed. They can be the kind that carry West Nile virus or the kind that carry Dengue and the Zika virus.

You can find details at

You can also plant plants in the yard that don't like mosquitoes.

You can also eat plants to repel them

Read how a single beam of light could catch Zika infected mosquitoes

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